Fruit & Vegetable Pack

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Bananas x 1kg
Apples (red & green) x 6 each
Satsumas x 2 each
Grapes (red) x 500g
Salad tomatoes x 500g
Cucumber x 1 each
Iceberg lettuce x 1 each
Peppers mixed x 2 each
Mushrooms button x 500g
Carrots x 500g
White onions x 500g
Baking potatoes x 2 each
Baby potatoes x 500g

9 reviews for Fruit & Vegetable Pack

  1. Martin Adams

    Excellent quality, fast delivery

  2. Alison Carmichael

    Fantastic quality and great value

  3. Martyn Connolly

    Fantastic quality. Food is great.

  4. Jean Wilcock

    Excellent quality.

  5. Elaine Gilmartin

    Excellent and just about to order again!

  6. Panagiotis Kaklis

    Excellent quality, fast delivery. Can only further recommend!

  7. Moyra Morrison

    Beautiful and fresh, butcher meat top quality. Many thanks to you all. xxxx
    p.s. get my order included in my daughters.

  8. Steven McCallum

    Mclays have been an absolute godsend for us during this period. The quality of the produce is exceptional and this pack is illustrative of that quality. Always fresh, long-lasting and great value.

  9. Janice Woodburn

    Great ! I’ve been ordering from here since lockdown . Fresh produce great quality delivered to my home , what’s not to like

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