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  • black puddings

    Black Pudding – 1.5kg


    Made primarily from Blood, Suet and Oatmeal, McKeans’ Black Pudding contains Onion which, when coupled with a unique blend of spices, creates a product full of flavour. Little wonder McKeans’ Black Pudding graces many a Scottish Breakfast plate. At 1.5kg you will get up to 30 slices from each Pudding.

  • haggis on a plate

    Chieftain – 2.5kg

  • haggis on a plate

    Clansman – 500g


    Original McKean Recipe and prepared in an artificial casing. This product is “ready-to-cook” and is one of our best-sellers. Like the Warrior, it weighs 500g (ie.just over 1lb) and will feed 2-3 as a main meal or upto 5 as a starter. The product will be delivered to you by courier in an insulated container…

  • haggis on a plate

    Jessie – 500g


    The 100% vegetarian alternative prepared in a artificial casing. This product is “ready-to-cook” and can be used not only as a vegetarian Haggis but also as an interesting side vegetable dish. Weighing 500grams, it will feed 2 as a main meal or 4 as a starter.

  • haggis on a plate

    Piper – 1.5kg


    Prepared in a artificial casing. This product is used for slicing into portions and either fried or grilled. One 1500gram stick will produce up to 24 x 62gram starter portions, enough to produce 8-12 main meals.

  • haggis on a plate

    Warrior – 500g


    Prepared in a natural casing, this is THE traditional Haggis designed with the purist in mind. It is prepared in exactly the same way as the Chieftan and Sma’Chief alike but is simply smaller in size. Weighing just 500 grams it will serve up to 2 people as a main course or 4 as a…